San Diego Dock Total for 10-30-2014
PassengersAlbacoreBigeye TunaBluefin TunaDoradoYellowfin TunaYellowtail
23 0 46 3 - Your Source for Fish Counts from Shelter Cove to San Diego

Point Loma Sportfishing Fish Counts
as of March 29, 2015
BoatTrip TypeAnglersFish CountsETA
Daily Double1/2 Day
312 Whitefish, 6 Sculpin, 67 Rockfish
Daily Double1/2 Day
291 Rubberlip Seaperch, 63 Rockfish, 1 Calico Bass, 1 Bonito, 3 Sculpin, 1 Sand Bass, 57 Calico Bass Released
Mission Belle3/4 Day
331 Calico Bass, 2 Bonito, 73 Yellowtail, 1 Sand Bass
 BoatsAnglersDock Total
3 Boats 93 2 Whitefish, 9 Sculpin, 130 Rockfish, 1 Rubberlip Seaperch, 2 Calico Bass, 3 Bonito, 2 Sand Bass, 73 Yellowtail, 57 Calico Bass Released
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